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Tackling sexual harassment in the workplace

Experiences of sexual and sexist harassment are pervasive for women in Scotland, and sit on the continuum of men’s violence against women which is both a cause and consequence of women’s inequality.

Engender has been awarded funding from Rosa, the UK fund for women and girls, to explore how we can prevent sexual and sexist harassment in the workplace in Scotland and improve outcomes for victim-survivors who have experienced or are experiencing it.

This funding is part of a broader funding stream linked with #TimesUp, and Rosa is also funding separate and distinct projects on sexual harassment which are being conducted by women’s organisations across the UK including Close the Gap, the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre, Fawcett Society, Chwarae Teg and the Women’s Resource and Development Agency.

The project

Our project is looking at workplace harassment as this requires a distinct response from employers and civic institutions, and current responses to sexual and sexist harassment often see individual women adjusting their own behaviours, leaving jobs or engaging with reporting and investigating systems that do not suit their needs. Our project seeks to rebalance this risk away from individual women and identify structural changes to make workplaces safer and more equitable. You can read more about the project in a blog by our Policy Officer Mariah Kelly here.

Engender has convened an Expert Working Group as part of the project comprised of experts in employment in discrimination law, HR, men’s violence against women and women’s equality.

Members of the group are:

Engender also provides secretariat support to the working group.

Findings from the Expert Group and information gathering and research for the project will enable us to produce a final report with recommendations for employers and civic institutions. We will use these findings to advocate for a Scotland where all women can equally participate in employment and public life, free from sexist and sexual harassment and discrimination.

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