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Engender is Scotland’s feminist policy and advocacy organisation.

Engender has a vision for a Scotland in which women and men have equal opportunities in life, equal access to resources and power, and are equally safe and secure from harm.

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Engender receives funding from various organisations, with the Scottish Government Equality Fund as our main grant funder. We also rely on membership payments and donations from supporters which gives us unrestricted funding to spend on our feminist work.

You can find out more information about Engender's finances in our Annual Report.

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GUEST POST: Who says what? A breakdown of gender bias in news topics and reporting Today we're publishing the next in a series of blogs from the current student placements Engender is hosting from the University of Strathclyde Applied Gender Studies and Research Methods course.In the second of three posts, Kirsty Rorrison continues research into gender bias in political news reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here, she looks specifically at the breakdown of bias in topics and authors, as well as whose voices are missing in the reporting of the pandemic.As my placement with Engender is nearing its end, I have finally completed my research on gender, COVID-19 and media. In this blog post, I’m going to discuss what I found out in my investigation and why it was crucial that I delved a bit deeper into this topic. As I mentioned in my previous post, my main area of interest in this research has always been the ways in which women in politics are represented. However, I also wanted to look at how other women, and more broadly gender, appeared in news coverage of coronavirus. For this research, I ended up coding 108 news stories. I took note of the topic, the gender of the journalist, and the identity markers of every person mentioned in each article. I wanted to see where gender appeared in news coverage, whether this related to the kinds of topics being discussed, the journalists who wrote about them or the people mentioned in articles. In this blog post, I will outline what my analysis revealed about journalists and news topics - in other words, who is writing, and what are they writing about?

What do women need from a Scottish Carer’s Assistance?

GUEST POST: Looking Deeper: Black and Minority Ethnic Women in the Scottish Parliament

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Enough is Enough: Tackling Workplace Sexual Harassment In ScotlandEnough is Enough: Tackling Workplace Sexual Harassment In Scotland Engender's new report Enough is Enough: Tackling Workplace Sexual Harassment in Scotland sets out the extent and nature of sexual and sexist workplace harassment and the impact it has on women in Scotland and highlights the need to reframe this as an issue of women’s equality that is rooted in sexism and sits within the spectrum of violence against women and girls.

Anonymous Reporting of Sexual Harassment: A Literature ReviewAnonymous Reporting of Sexual Harassment: A Literature Review

Engender Parliamentary Briefing:  International Women’s Day 2022 - #BreakTheBiasEngender Parliamentary Briefing: International Women’s Day 2022 - #BreakTheBias

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On the Engender is Scotland's feminist policy podcast. It is produced by Engender and features experts from across the women's sector in Scotland. Listen here.

Gender Equal Media Scotland

Engender is a partner in the GEMS project, which works to transform Scotland's media through feminist research, journalism and campaigning. Find out more.

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Engender is a member of the Equal Representation Coalition, which has a vision for Scotland where our elected representatives truly reflect the diversity of the Scottish population. Find out more.

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Engender is a member of the European Women's Lobby, the largest network of women's organisations in the EU, promoting women's rights and gender equality. Find out more.

UK Joint Committee on Women

Engender represents Scotland on the UK Joint Committee on Women, alongside NAWO, NIWEP and WEN Wales.