Engender’s staff team is responsible for the organisation’s operations. You can contact individual staff members at the email addresses listed below, or contact the Engender reception desk at info@engender.org.uk.

Catherine Murphy Executive Director

Catherine Murphy is Engender’s Executive Director, who began her role in March 2022. Catherine joined Engender following an extensive career working nationally and internationally on gender equality, human rights and intersectional justice. She has broad ranging experience working in the Scottish Parliament, in UK based and international NGOs, including as Amnesty’s Global Programme Director on Gender, Sexuality and Identity and Gender Mainstreaming lead, and more recently as a consultant working on organisational development, strategy and equalities.

You can contact Catherine on catherine.murphy@engender.org.uk.

Policy Team

Jill Wood Policy Manager

Jill is Engender's Policy Manager. She leads on all of our research and analysis, as well as engaging with academic, legal and industry experts. Her particular areas of interest are mainstreaming and the Public Sector Equality Duty, Social Security and women's unpaid care work, and the importance of intersectional data gathering.

Jill lives on a Scottish island with her children, and when not writing reports for Engender can be found exploring the wilds, swimming in the sea, and lamenting rural public transport services.

You can contact Jill on jill.wood@engender.org.uk.

Lucy Hughes Policy and Parliamentary Manager

Lucy is Engender’s Policy and Parliamentary Manager. She leads on strategic activity with the Scottish and UK Parliaments and supports the advocacy of Engender’s policy positions and research to create policy and practice change in Scotland. Her areas of interest include human rights, access to justice, care experience and participation and intersectionality in the movement for gender equality.

Lucy is originally from near Milton Keynes but moved to Scotland 10 years ago to study and never left. She now lives in Glasgow with her partner and spends much of her downtime at gigs watching live music, cooking (with mixed success) and eating her way through the amazing food places across Glasgow.

You can contact Lucy at lucy.hughes@engender.org.uk.


Development Team

Catriona Kirkpatrick Head of Development

Catriona is Engender's Head of Development. She leads on exploring new areas of work for Engender with a particular focus on developing opportunities with partner organisations. She manages specific projects and development workers. She also has responsibility for a lot of the behind the scenes work for Engender including HR, finance, and governance.  Catriona has a particular interest in the rights of disabled people and carers and health inequalities.

Catriona represents Engender on the Gender Based Violence and Learning Disability Working Group, the Carers Benefit Advisory Group, and the Equally Safe Experience Panel.

When not at work Catriona enjoys spending time with her friends and family, walking and reading, and will never say no to a cute staffie video.

You can contact Catriona on catriona.kirkpatrick@engender.org.uk or 07739 637 739.

Dr Miranda Barty-Taylor Project Manager, EMCC

Miranda is the Project Manager of the Equal Media and Culture Centre for Scotland, embedded within Engender. Having spent time developing a theory of change for gender equality in Scotland’s media, creative, cultural and sports sectors, she now leads on research, monitoring and advocacy to work towards better representation of women and marginalised people in the content we consume, the sectoral workforces, and leadership spaces. Miranda has a particular interest in intersectional approaches to feminist research, foregrounding the experiences of the most marginalized voices in Scotland.

Miranda’s previous research was in feminist sociolinguistics, analysing the role of media discourses and the affordances of digital media in upholding social inequalities. She is also involved in the creative sector in Scotland as a clarsach player, and sits on the board of Stellar Quines, Scotland’s intersectional feminist theatre company.

When she’s not scrutinising the gender balance of media governance boards, Miranda can be found out and about in the wilds of the Scottish Borders or curled up with a book (and a cat) (and now also a dog).

You can get in touch with Miranda at miranda.barty-taylor@engender.org.uk.

Jessie Duncan Equal Representation Development Officer

Jessie is Engender’s Development Officer leading on our equal representation in politics work, which aims to increase the number and diversity of women elected and involved in politics in Scotland. Some of the key focusses of the role include working with equalities sector partners and political parties to promote and develop the Equal Representation in Politics Toolkit; and managing our “Making it Happen for 2027: Transforming Local Democracy for Women” campaign to see more women elected in local councils.

Jessie has a background in third sector funding and capacity building, with a particular interest in participative approaches to grantmaking. She also has years of experience of grassroots political campaigning and activism, and is passionate about finding ways for this space to be more inclusive.

You can contact Jessie on jessie.duncan@engender.org.uk.

Hannah Brisbane Policy Officer (Delivering Equally Safe)

Hannah is Engender's Policy Officer for our work on Delivering Equally Safe. She joined us from SAMH, and is looking forward to supporting the delivery of the Equally Safe Strategy by thinking about how we can integrate primary prevention of men’s violence into policy development in Scotland.

When she's not at work or trying to smash the patriarchy, Hannah can usually be found walking her dog, listening to Taylor Swift or trying to make a dent in her (growing) pile of books to read.

You can get in touch with Hannah at hannah.brisbane@engender.org.uk.


Communications and Engagement Team

Jade Stein Communications and Engagement Manager

Jade is Engender’s Communications and Engagement Manager, who joined the team in April 2023. Jade joins Engender following a wide-ranging career within the third sector and communications and currently volunteers with LGBT Health and Wellbeing and fundraises for The Mamie Martin Fund, supporting girls education in Malawi.

When not at work, Jade can be found drumming with the Edinburgh Samba School, performing poetry or out for a stroll with her two senior canine companions, Hector and Bella.

You can contact Jade on jade.stein@engender.org.uk or on 07923236488.

Maxine Blane Communications and Administrative Assistant

Maxine is Engender’s Communications and Administration Assistant. She works on Engender’s publications and social media, as well as membership, governance, events and admin support. She tweets at @EngenderScot and keeps our followers up-to-date on Facebook, and also writes our awesome weekly newsletter Friday Feminist Five.

When she’s not haunting the hallways of feminist twitter, Maxine can be usually be found questing in the wilds of Skyrim, eating pizza, or rereading her favourite graphic novels, surrounded by towers of unread books.

You can get in touch with Maxine at maxine.blane@engender.org.uk or on 07809 902 922.


Engender Annual Report 2007-08Engender Annual Report 2007-08 Engender's Annual Report for 2007-8.

Engender Annual Report 2009-10Engender Annual Report 2009-10 Engender's Annual Report for 2009-10.

Engender Annual Report 2010-11Engender Annual Report 2010-11 Engender's Annual Report for 2010-11.

Engender Annual Report 2011-12Engender Annual Report 2011-12 Engender's Annual Report for 2011-12.

Engender Annual Report 2013-14Engender Annual Report 2013-14 Engender's Annual Report for 2013-14.

Engender Annual Report 2014-15Engender Annual Report 2014-15 This annual report sets out the work that Engender has been doing over the 2014-15 to persuade politicians, policymakers, and those with power and influence across Scotland that gender matters.

Engender Annual Report 2015-16Engender Annual Report 2015-16 This annual report sets out the work that Engender has been doing over 2015-16 to persuade politicians, policymakers, and those with power and influence across Scotland that gender matters.

Engender Annual Report 2016-17Engender Annual Report 2016-17 This annual report sets out the work that Engender has been doing over 2016-17 to persuade politicians, policymakers, and those with power and influence across Scotland that gender matters.

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