As a member of Engender, I feel part of the community of women who recognise gender inequality and its impacts, and who work to do something about it. I love Friday Feminist Five because I am someone who likes to know what's going on!

Engender’s members are very important to us. Our individual, organisational and associate members bring expertise, insight, and creativity to the challenges of advancing women’s equality.

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Individual membership is on offer to all feminist women. Our membership package includes the receipt of our very popular weekly digital newsletter Friday Feminist Five.

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Organisational membership is available for women's organisations or groups who work in Scotland to tackle gender inequality. Members are featured on our searchable database of women's organisation; an excellent resource for women, that reflects the breadth and diversity of the women’s sector in Scotland.

We also offer affiliate membership to organisations which don’t work specifically on women’s issues, but support our aims and align with our broader values.

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I absolutely love Engender, being a member of Engender, and everything it represents. I just wish it had existed when I was a young woman, because if it had I don't think we'd be as far behind in gender inequality as we sadly still are.

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Friends of Engender is a programme designed for women who wished to give regularly to Engender. Friends commit to support Engender by contributing at least £5 a month. Regular giving is greatly appreciated and incredibly important for us, as it allows us to carry out work which isn’t funded by traditional trusts and funds. This means we can take action on issues vital to women’s equality which might otherwise be neglected.

All women who sign up to be Friends automatically become members of Engender. If you are already a member and would like to become a Friend of Engender, please contact Jade Stein, our Communications and Engagement Manager.

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Engender produces 'gender edits' of government programmes, budgets and election manifestos, which are invaluable to get a quick grasp of policy development. Engender also join forces with other organisations in Scotland and internationally to work together for positive change. I'm proud to be a member of Engender!

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