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Engender Response to the Scottish Parliament Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee Call for Views on the Scottish Elections (Representation and Reform) Bill

Mar 13, 2024: It is vital that our democratic bodies represent the full breadth of Scottish society and that decision-making reflects the diverse needs and experiences of Scotland’s communities. We want to work with the Committee to ensure the Bill is as strong as possible in furthering women and other marginalised group’s political participation and representation. However, we would like to raise our concerns about the limited nature of some specific provisions in the Bill and ask the Committee to consider further action that can be taken to progress equal representation in Scottish

Date of publication: March 2024

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Engender Parliamentary Briefing International Women’s Day 2024 - #InspireInclusion

Mar 7, 2024: Ahead of this year’s Scottish Government International Women’s Day debate, we ask all MSPs to #InspireInclusion by highlighting the action still required to achieve equal representation for women and all marginalised people in public, cultural and political life. In the majority of spaces where decisions are made, men remain dominant while women are excluded, and as a result, sexism is perpetuated across public life.

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Engender submission of evidence to the Scottish Parliament Health, Social Care and Sport Committee call for evidence on the Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones) (Scotland) Bill

Jan 10, 2024: Engender has worked on access to abortion care since 2016 and the devolution of this policy area to the Scottish Parliament. During that time, we have identified issues relating to abortion law, access and care that serve to undermine women’s experiences of abortion and impede the full realisation of women’s human rights in Scotland. As such, we recognise the increasing need for this legislation and are strong in our overall support for the Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones) Bill. We want to ensure that the Bill provides women and healthcare workers with the strongest possible protections, whilst remaining human rights compliant.

Date of publication: January 2024.

abortion health womensrights humanrights
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Engender Parliamentary Briefing: 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence

Nov 28, 2023: This is a briefing for MSPs ahead of the Scottish Government debate marking the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence in 2023. We welcome this debate as an opportunity for all MSPs to call for a primary prevention approach in all Scottish policymaking. A Scotland free from violence and abuse is possible. However, more strategic action and sustainable investment are urgently required to realise this.

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An Overview of VAWG and the Role of Public Policy in Scotland in Prevention

Nov 28, 2023: This briefing paper examines the prevalence of VAWG and gender inequality in Scotland and highlights the urgent need for integration of a primary prevention approach within the Scottish policy landscape. VAWG is not only a justice or equalities policy issue, but one that all policymakers – regardless of their area of work – must play a role in preventing and ultimately eradicating.

Date of publication: November 2023

vawg primaryprevention mainstreaming socialsecurity politics
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Engender Annual Report 2022-2023

Nov 15, 2023: This annual report sets out the work that Engender has been doing over 2022-23 to ensure that women's equality remains at the heart of policy-making in Scotland.

This annual report contains a welcome from Engender's convener Lucy Mulvagh and provides updates on all areas of work, staffing, governance and finances.

Date of publication: November 2023

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Engender response to the Scottish Government consultation on A Human Rights Bill for Scotland

Oct 11, 2023: Engender welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on a Human Rights Bill for Scotland. We have long called for the incorporation of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). While recognising the complex legal context, we are calling on the Scottish Government to incorporate CEDAW to the fullest possible extent, whilst being transparent in its decision-making regarding constitutional limitations. It will be critical for further detailed and meaningful consultation to be undertaken on many of the implications of this Bill and we would urge the Scottish Government to see this specific consultation as the beginning, rather than the end or entirety of its consultation process.

Date of publication: October 2023

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Engender Parliamentary Briefing: The Two-child Limit

Oct 6, 2023: This is a briefing for MSPs ahead of the Scottish Government debate on reversal of the UK Government's Two-Child Benefit Limit. We fully support calls to scrap the two-child limit at the UK level, which harms women and children across Scotland, directly pushing many into deeper poverty. In Scotland, we support calls for the Scottish Government to invest in mitigating the UK Government’s policy on grounds of equality and human rights.

Date of publication: October 2023.

scraptherapeclause scrapthefamilycap socialsecurity womensrights
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Sex & Power in Scotland 2023

Sep 27, 2023: Sex and Power 2023 sets out the extent of men's over-representation in positions of power in Scotland.

Date of publication: July 2023

equalrepresentation, mainstreaming, politics, womensrights
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“Trauma, abandonment and isolation”: Experiences of pregnancy and maternity services in Scotland during Covid-19

Sep 26, 2023: This report sets out experiences of accessing pregnancy and maternity services in Scotland at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic between March 2020 and November 2022. The purpose of the research is to inform and influence the Covid-19 Inquiry through a series of recommendations. We also highlight preexisting systemic issues that were raised by women.

Date of publication: September 2023.

health, maternity, covid19, abortion, mentalhealth

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