Engender has a vision for a Scotland in which women and men have equal opportunities in life, equal access to resources and power, and are equally safe and secure from harm.

Engender is a policy organisation and through our research and analysis we aim to make women’s inequality visible, and persuade those with power to make positive changes to services, policy, regulation, practices, and laws that negatively affect women.

We are intersectional feminists, and recognise that women’s overlapping oppressions impact on their lives in different ways. We approach our policy work with an intersectional lens, and strive to represent the needs and experiences of all women – particularly recognising the multiple discriminations faced by Black and minority women, disabled women, LGBT+ women, carers, refugee and migrant women, and older and younger women.

Our Gender Matters Roadmap sets out the steps we think are needed to bring women's equality closer to being a reality in ten key areas of life, and you can find all of our latest work in these areas on our Research and Policy Page which brings together our parliamentary briefings, consultation responses, reports and blogs.

We also work on specific projects such as our Equal Representation in Politics work, developing an Equal Media and Culture Centre for Scotland, and developing policy solutions to ending men’s violence against women.

We're proud to be a membership organisation and our members include women's and equalities organisations, voluntary groups, and a huge network of individuals across Scotland. You can find out more about joining here. We also work to bring women together in a range of ways to tell their stories, and influence decision makers, including holding events and amplifying women’s voices on our blog and podcast.

We also offer support to organisations and local campaign groups, and work in partnership with other equalities organisations to advocate for change. We sit on a number of working groups and coalitions, and represent Scotland on the United Kingdom Joint Committee for Women which is the UK body on the European Women’s Lobby.

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