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Welcome to Engender

Engender is Scotland’s feminist organisation.

Engender has a vision for a Scotland in which women and men have equal opportunities in life, equal access to resources and power, and are equally safe and secure from harm.

Our funders

Engender receives funding from various organisations, with the Scottish Government Equality Fund as our main grant funder. We also rely on membership payments and donations from supporters which gives us unrestricted funding to spend on our feminist work.

You can find out more information about Engender's finances in our Annual Report.

From our blog

GUEST POST: WHT the **** During this 16 Days of Activism On Violence Against Women - and with high profile #metoo stories appearing in the courts and the media - we continue to hear stories of harassment and abuse of women and girls. This guest post, from an author who wishes to remain anonymous, explores the issues of power, privilege, and 'wandering hand trouble'.CONTENT NOTE: this blog describes instances of sexual assault and harassment. Back when I was a young woman, when it was described as ‘wandering hand trouble’ (WHT) for short, we were taught that sexual assault and harassment were just what happened.

#GE2019 - what's in it for women?

Making women safer in Scotland: the case for a standalone misogyny offence

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Latest publications

Gender Edit of General Election 2019 ManifestosGender Edit of General Election 2019 Manifestos This document is a ‘gender edit’ of the manifestos published by political parties in the run up to the snap General Election on 12th December; it pulls out relevant commitments from the manifestos of each of the six largest political parties standing in the General Election in Scotland.

GE2019 - What's in it for women?GE2019 - What's in it for women?

Making women safer in Scotland: the case for a standalone misogyny offenceMaking women safer in Scotland: the case for a standalone misogyny offence

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Scottish Women's Budget Group

Engender provides admin support for the SWBG, which campaigns for gender budget analysis in the Scottish and local authority budgets. Find out more.

Gender Equal Media Scotland

Engender is a partner in the GEMS project, which works to transform Scotland's media through feminist research, journalism and campaigning. Find out more.

Equal Representation Coalition

Engender is a member of the Equal Representation Coalition, which has a vision for Scotland where our elected representatives truly reflect the diversity of the Scottish population. Find out more.

European Women's Lobby

Engender is a member of the European Women's Lobby, the largest network of women's organisations in the EU, promoting women's rights and gender equality. Find out more.

UK Joint Committee on Women

Engender represents Scotland on the UK Joint Committee on Women, alongside NAWO, NIWEP and WEN Wales.