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Our staff

Engender’s staff team is responsible for the organisation’s operations.

Emma Ritch, Executive Director

Emma is Engender’s Executive Director, leading on strategic collaboration with our colleagues in the women’s, equalities, and human rights sectors. She is also principally responsible for engagement with Scottish and UK Government, the UN, and the EU through the European Women’s Lobby. She is engaged by all things feminist, but has particular interest in women and the economy, intersectionality, violence against women, and the relationship between women’s equality and women’s human rights.

Emma sits on a range of external working groups including the First Minister's Advisory Council on Women & Girls, the joint strategic board of Equally Safe, the Scottish National Action Plan for human rights leadership forum, the advisory group of the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre and the Scottish Women’s Budget Group. She chairs the Rape Crisis Scotland board, is vice-convener of the board of Close the Gap, and is a member of the Scotland Committee of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

When she’s put down work for the day, Emma likes browsing bookshops, listening to politics podcasts, eating little oranges, and re-watching the West Wing.

You can get in touch with Emma at or on 07789 805 790.


Catriona Kirkpatrick, Head of Development

Catriona is Engender's Head of Development. She leads on exploring new areas of work for Engender with a particular focus on developing opportunities with partner organisations. She manages specific projects and development workers. She also has responsibility for a lot of the behind the scenes work for Engender including HR, finance, and governance.  Catriona has a particular interest in the rights of disabled people and carers and health inequalities.

Catriona represents Engender on the Gender Based Violence and Learning Disability Working Group, the Carers Benefit Advisory Group, and the Equally Safe Experience Panel.

When not at work Catriona enjoys spending time with her friends and family, walking and reading, and will never say no to a cute staffie video.

You can contact Catriona on or 07739 637 739


Alys Mumford, Communications and Engagement Manager


Alys is Engender’s Communications and Engagement Manager. She leads on the publications, social media and press work of the organisations, as well as working with partner organisations to further women’s equality. Particular things she is working on include Engender’s work on women’s representation in politics, public life and the media, running feminist participatory events, and hosting the On the Engender podcast.

Alys is the alternate member for Scotland on the United Kindgom Joint Committee of Women, representing the UK at the European Women's Lobby, the chair of Gender Equal Media Scotland, and secretary of the Equal Representation Coalition. In a personal capacity she is the Chair of the Women 5050 campaign, and is involved in local politics.

When she’s done smashing the patriarchy for the day, Alys likes watching dogs in the park, charity shopping, and dreaming about going on the Crystal Maze.

You can contact Alys on or 07889 805 785

Eilidh Dickson, Policy and Parliamentary Manager

Eilidh Dickson

Eilidh is Engender’s Policy and Parliamentary Manager and leads our parliamentary engagements with MSP, MPs and parliamentary bodies such as committees and cross-party groups and policy work through the production of briefings and research. She currently undertakes policy work concerning women’s use of public space and the planning system, social security and financial security, women’s health and reproductive rights and the Scottish National Investment Bank and supports broader work on human rights issues.

A self-confessed elections-nerd, Eilidh has a keen interest in women’s representation in political and public institutions in addition to legal policy and law reform and international affairs. She is also a board member at the Poverty Alliance and works with colleagues across the third sector as part of consortium work on UK and Scottish social security.

Outside of work, Eilidh is constantly adding to a never-ending ‘to-read’ pile, hanging out with her cats Mango and Ginsburg (named after the lawyer not the poet of course), or cultivating new skills in pasta-making.

You can contact Eilidh on or 07889 805 787

Jill Wood, Policy Manager (currently on maternity leave)

Jill Wood

Jill is Engender's Policy Manager, and leads on our briefings and research work. Recently, Jill has been responsible for compiling and submitting both our Scotland and UK-wider report to the UN on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Jill is the Vice Chairperson of the Citizens Basic Income Network Scotland, and a member of the Scottish Women's Budget group.

When not pressing 'ctrl+F women' on briefing papers (the results are often 0), Jill likes enjoying island life with her sons and telling anyone who will listen about the gendered dimensions of public space.

Jill is currently on maternity leave.

Maxine Blane, Communications and Administrative Assistant


Maxine is Engender’s Communications and Administration Assistant. She works on Engender’s publications and social media, as well as membership, podcasting, events and admin support. She tweets at @EngenderScot and keeps our followers up-to-date on Facebook, and also writes our awesome weekly newsletter to Engender members, Friday Feminist Five.

Maxine is enjoying engaging with/learning more about all areas of feminism covered by Engender’s work, and is particularly interested in intersectionality, young women’s participation and tackling misogyny online. She is the Engender representative on the steering group of the Write to End Violence Against Women Awards, and helps to organise Emma Ritch’s diary.

When she’s not haunting the hallways of feminist twitter, Maxine can be usually be found questing in the wilds of Skyrim, eating pizza, or rereading her favourite graphic novels, surrounded by towers of unread books.

You can get in touch with Maxine at or on 07809 902 922.

Amanda Stanley

Amanda is the producer of Engender’s feminist policy podcast series, On the Engender. Her role within Engender is to oversee all elements of the podcast’s production, from facilitating the recording of interviews and roundtable discussions, to editing and packaging together episodes for regular release. 

Outside the Engender office, Amanda works with the YCSA in Glasgow facilitating weekly media workshops for young BME women within her community. Amanda also currently produces a number of other audio projects including the ongoing podcast series for Scottish post rock band, Mogwai, and up until recently was the multimedia producer and co-founder of the now ceased DIY feminist organisation, TYCI. 

Amanda enjoys drinking excessive amounts of coffee, and when she’s not editing podcasts, she’s catching up on her favourite ones whilst walking her dog. Aside from this, Amanda enjoys reading, cycling, hosting dinner parties, and can also regularly be found at at least one gig per week in the town.

You can contact Amanda via email at


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