We need a #GenderEqualityBill because...

Action on equality for women has stalled

Today people are using social media to tell us why they need a Gender Equality Bill.

A Gender Equality Bill would enshrine a high-level strategy to tackle gender inequality in law, to hasten the pace of change. The specific content of the bill would be developed in collaboration with women and women's organisations, but could, for instance, commit to deliver against the Istanbul Convention, establish a Women's Commissioner for Scotland, or set targets for delivery of key public services that are vital for women's equality, such as childcare and social care. There's a more detailed briefing about the Gender Equality Bill here.

equality is still to be implemented in many areas of life

You can help to promote our call by sharing your response to 'I need a #GenderEqualityBill because...' on social media. Because a Gender Equality Bill is fundamentally about the need to prioritise women's equality, the reasons for the bill are largely the same as the reasons we need feminism itself! So your message could be related to the other asks in our manifesto, or more personal reasons.

You can download and print our ready-made sign and take a selfie with it or, if you’re camera shy, just write your reasons in your post. Remember to use #GenderEqualityBill and tag Engender as well!

No, we don't have equality yet

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