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Last Thursday, I was at a very interesting roundtable hosted by the Equality and Human Rights Commission on human rights and the independence referendum.

There were a number of equalities organisations there, including fellow gender equality advocates Close the Gap, Rape Crisis Scotland, and Scottish Women's Aid.

All of us were struggling in different ways to identify ways that we could use our scarce resources to empower people across Scotland with information about indyref, details of how to vote, and clarity on what the choices of independence or staying part of the UK might mean to the groups that we work with.

As part of the discussion, people around the table spoke about information sources that they were using to stay up to date with the debates and discussions about indyref. Here's a list of some of them.

Future of the UK and Scotland
Academics and other smart people blogging about the different aspects of the referendum debate. Analysis, details of events, information about research projects.

What Scotland thinks
Impartial, up to date information about what Scotland is thinking about the referendum, from the folks at ScotCen Social Research.

Democracy Max
A project from the Electoral Reform Society in Scotland into how democracy might be enhanced whatever the outcome of the referendum.

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Elaine Cameron on May 9 2014 at 14:16

OK .. I'm six weeks late in making a comment - sorry, but . . . . .

Is Engender planning any event on the Referendum - surely it is vital to hear what women are saying / hoping for in terms of equality? I heard that SWC couldn't help with a post CSW event because of their Referendum - but surely this should not disallow women focussed events?

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