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Statement in support of the Equal Recognition Campaign and reform of the Gender Recognition Act

As national gender equality organisations and campaigns, Close the Gap, Engender, Equate Scotland, Rape Crisis Scotland, Scottish Women’s Aid, Women 50:50 and Zero Tolerance support the realisation of rights of trans people.

Reflections on #AbortionActat50

Last week, our Policy and Parliamentary Manager, Emma Trottier, attended a conference titled: ‘The Abortion Act: A Promise Fulfilled?’, which asked important legal, historical and political questions about women’s reproductive rights in the UK. While asking questions about our direction of travel, the conference also explored the strategies and steps needed to make change happen.

The Abortion Act: 50 years on

Today marks 50 years since the 1967 Abortion Act, which allowed women to access abortion in certain circumstances. While the act was undoubtedly a key moment in the history of women’s rights, and helped end fatal backstreet abortions, it is underpinned by outdated beliefs that reproductive choice should sit with the state. Under the act, abortion must be administered in an approved medical facility (more on that below), must be within the first 24 weeks of a pregnancy, and must be approved by two doctors – the most paternalistic aspect of abortion law, and one which undermines women’s autonomy and decision-making about her own body and life choices.

Why There Aren’t Always Two Sides to Every Story

Here at Engender we receive frequent requests to go on the radio, TV or in front of a live audience to ‘debate’ feminist issues.

Disabled Women's Reproductive Journeys

Engender has been awarded funding from the Tampon Tax Fund to undertake a project to work with disabled women to learn more about their experiences of reproductive and parenting services. This is one of the areas of work that was identified as an issue of concern in our Gender Matters in Disability briefing.

Abortion internationally – how does Scotland measure up?

On the International Day of Safe Abortion, Engender have released our latest report which shows where Scotland sits internationally with regard to abortion rights. Focusing on countries in the western world, we highlight the positive examples of Canada and territories in Australia which have decriminalised abortion, respecting women’s autonomy over their own bodies.

Scotland's Social Security Bill can still have equality at its heart

Today the Scottish Parliament will hear from Engender that the principle of equality and non-discrimination needs to be written into the Social Security Bill if the newly devolved powers are to move Scotland towards women’s equality.

Scotland's Programme for Government - what's in it for women?

In the past week there’s been a slight autumn chill in the air in the mornings, and a pleasing back-to-school vibe in genderland that speaks of newly sharpened pencils and fresh notebooks.

Feminists launch roadmap for women’s equality in Scotland

Today we have launched our 'Gender Matters Roadmap', setting out the actions we believe Scottish Government need to take to help women achieve equality in Scotland. The roadmap was launched at 'Scotland's Feminist Future', our two day conference celebrating feminist change in Scotland.

Message from Jeane Freeman - Minister for Social Security

As you know we've been supporting women across Scotland to get involved in the Scottish Government's consultation on social security, and to make their voices heard on the experience panels that will help shape the new social security system in Scotland. Here is a message from the Minister for Social Security, Jeane Freeman MSP, following the publication of the Social Security (Scotland) Bill last week, to all women who have engaged in the process so far:

5 things you need to know about the Social Security (Scotland) Bill

The anticipation is over. Last week, the Scottish Government tabled its social security legislation. Below, our policy manager Emma Trottier gives you a quick rundown of what’s what in the Social Security (Scotland) Bill.

Scottish Government tables Social Security (Scotland) Bill

Engender welcomes the introduction of the Social Security (Scotland) Bill. The Bill, tabled on Wednesday, is the latest step in the development and implementation of the Scottish social security system. It outlines the vision for the new social security system in Scotland, and maps the delivery of the devolved programs.

Gender matters in the criminal justice system: 5 years of progress?

Ahead of an event tonight at the Scottish Parliament, Engender's Policy Manager Emma Trottier reflects on the five years since the publishing of a report by the Commission on Women Offenders, and asks where Scotland stands on the issue of women in the criminal justice system.

When we look at the criminal justice system, it can be hard to know where to begin. It’s immense. We have the police, crown office, sentencers, the prison service, and community organisations, who all play a role in building and maintaining a just, peaceful and safe society. To slightly narrow our focus, we’re looking at women in the criminal justice system. In particular, we’re looking back over the last five years to see whether we’ve progressed in supporting women through and out of the criminal justice system.

Postcard from Brussels: Feminist Economics and the European Women's Forum

Notes on minimum income, universal basic income and gender tax justice

On the Engender podcast

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