Menopause Matters: Share your experience in our survey

Our survey is out, and we can´t wait to hear what you have to say about the menopause! There is no expert like yourself. Every woman has a different and personal experience of the menopause, and it's time for us to listen to you.

If you've already gone through the menopause, are in the middle of it or just starting, your experiences and opinions are invaluable as it could help us guide future support services and policies that really answer to women´s needs.

The survey covers some common problems which have come up through our research so far, such as your experiences of learning about the menopause, and starting conversations about it with friends, colleagues, or managers, amongst others. We want to hear from your experiences and your ideas for solutions - you're the one going through it and who knows what's best for you.

Please note that the evidence that guided our survey questions comes from studies that mostly focused on women going through natural menopause or as a result of particular conditions. If the questions in the survey don't reflect your experiences or support needs, that's also really useful for us to know, so please participate and tell us your needs and suggestions.

The information we gather could help to identify neglected needs from previous research, services and policies and ways to improve things in the future. The more, different experiences we gather, the better, so please share the survey far and wide! Together, hopefully we can improve women's experiences of menopause and the menopause transition.

Take the survey here.

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