Feminist film buff? Weekend cinema-goer? Casual couch critic? We want your reviews of the films you love, or love to hate.

Something caught our eye in the surprisingly feminist Stylist magazine this month with their feature on 25 films feminists should watch this year. “That fits in perfectly with our 25th anniversary!” we thought.

Then Sylist edited their article to add an extra film, making it 26 films in total.

“That fits less perfectly with our 25th anniversary”, we thought “but it still sounds fun”.

So we want your help to review these films from a feminist perspective. If you're planning on seeing any of these films, please think about reviewing for our blog!

You can find our blogging guidelines here, but essentially we’d be looking for a review of 600-800 words looking at the film from a feminist perspective. This could be:

- A straight-forward review of the film from you, a feminist

- A discussion of whether you feel the film deserves to be called feminist

- An exploration of the themes of the film.

We’re also always happy to receive feminist reviews of anything you’ve encountered, so just drop us an email at info@engender.org.uk with your questions and ideas.

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