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Engender's response to the indyref result


Scotland has decided, 55% to 45%, to remain part of the UK and not to be an independent country.

The implications of this are unfolding in real time, and we have already heard from politicians from across the political spectrum at Westminster this morning about a process to review and enhance Scotland's devolution settlement.

Engender has been neutral throughout the referendum campaign, but we have created space for our members and women in Scotland to discuss different constitutional futures. We know that amid the flourishing of democratic participation that this campaign has provoked, has been a heartfelt desire on the part of many to realise women's equality in Scotland.

We will be taking part in any process accessible by us to discuss the devolution settlement. We will involve our members in the detail, but will advocate for the following things:

  • Women's equal participation in discussions and structures that determine any new settlement.
  • Discussions in which gender is considered as a factor, whether that is in considering the implications for new powers on care and childcare, on women's unpaid work, on women's political representation, on violence against women, on women's labour market equality, or on women's human rights.

We would like to congratulate our members who have campaigned for a Yes or No, Thanks vote. You have engaged women and girls, and all of the people of Scotland, in ways that we hope will not be undone.

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