Engender needs you... to make work visible!

Last year we asked women in Scotland to share their days with us as part of our Making Work Visible project on International Women's Day. This year, our Making Work Visible project is back and even bigger than before.

This year, Engender are running a photography project to show all of the different things women in Scotland do. We are looking for people to take part in this photography project to tell us about women’s lives across Scotland.

We know that ‘work’ is much more than just what we get paid for, and work done by women is often undervalued and invisible. We would like to show all the different kinds of work done by women every day. To take part in this project, we would like you to take photos throughout your day showing the different things you are doing.

So, how does it work?

- We can send you a digital camera and instructions for using it. You can also use your own smart phone if you have one and would prefer to use it.

- You pick a day to take photos. It should be before the 4th March, and should be a ‘typical’ day – it’s very tempting to pick a day when you are doing something exciting or unusual, but we’d much rather a day which represents your normal routine.

- Take at least 10 photos throughout the day, and record the times you take the photos.

- If you want to you can write captions for the photos, and we'll be available to give you a hand with them if you'd like.

- Send us the photos to info@engender.org.uk by 6th March at the latest.

- The photos will be put into a blog, and uploaded on International Women’s Day.

- For your participation, you will receive £50, either via and invoice and bank transfer, or in the form of a voucher of your choice.

It is totally fine for the photos to be anonymous if you would like. We also understand you might not want other people to be identifiable in the photos. You don’t have to include people in the photos, or we can blur out their faces for you if that is easier.

If you'd like to take part in this project and record your day for us in photos please fill in this short form, and return it to info@engender.org.uk by 27th February. If you'd like to know any more about the project please drop us an email at info@engender.org.uk with 'Making Work Visible 2018' in the subject line, or call us on 0131 558 9596.

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