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CEDAW concluding observations: what do they mean for women in Scotland?


On March 8th 2019 the UN CEDAW Committee released their concluding observations following the UK examination in Geneva.

We've gone through these concluding observations and highlighted things which specifically relate to Scotland, and things which appeared in our CEDAW reports. You can read this annotated report here.

Particular things we've highlighted are the committee's support for:

  • Incorporation of CEDAW into Scots Law
  • Reviewing and amending the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED)
  • Cumulative impact assessment of austerity
  • Ensure that women are not negatively impacted by Brexit
  • Access to justice for victim-survivors of rape and sexual assault and domestic abuse
  • Better intersectional gender-disaggregated data
  • Ratification of the Istanbul Convention
  • Decriminalize women in prostitution
  • Undertake temporary special measures (quotas) to improve women's representation
  • Improve sex and relationship education
  • Repeal the 2 child limit (family cap)

Our Director Emma was at Geneva in February to give evidence to the committee, and you can some tweets explaining what went on there below.

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