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Engender produces a range of publications including reports about specific subjects, parliamentary briefings, responses to consultations, and our annual reports. These are all available online, and we can also send printed copies of selected reports. Contact us to arrange this.

The Gender Matters Roadmap

In 2017 Engender launched the Gender Matters Roadmap, which sets out the steps needed to move closer to women's equality in Scotland by 2030.

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Engender response to the Commission on Social Justice and Fairness consultation on Discussion Paper 2: Reform of Social Care

Engender welcomes this opportunity to comment on the discussion paper put forward by the Commission on Social Justice and Fairness. We believe that reform to care services must start from understanding the effects of low pay, undervaluation and low investment from a gender perspective before it develops effective solutions. We do not consider ourselves best placed to comment on the detail of proposed reforms to the delivery of social care in Scotland nor to conclude at this stage whether a national care service could be all or part of the solution. We have therefore approached this consultation with the aim of highlighting the significant gendered considerations that must underpin any reforms.

Date of publication: October 2020.

Filename: Engender-response-Commission-Social-Justice-and-Fairness-Commission-Social-Care-Final.pdf | File size: 292KB | Tags: care, faireconomy, genderpaygap
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Engender response to the Scottish Labour Party consultation “Time to Care About Care”

This is a response to the Scottish Labour Party consultation "Time to Care About Care".

Engender believes that there is an important conversation to be had about the future and long-term provision of a social care system that is genuinely universal and equitable and meets individual needs. Gender cannot be excluded from this work, and there is a need to consider how revaluation of care work and skills can deliver better conditions for people, mainly women, who provide care, both paid and unpaid.

Date of publication: August 2020.

Filename: Engender-response-to-the-Scottish-Labour-Party-consultation-Time-to-Care-About-Care-.pdf | File size: 197KB | Tags: care, faireconomy, employment, genderpaygap
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Joint Close the Gap and Engender Briefing on Proposed Stage 3 Amendments to the Scottish National Investment Bank Bill

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament Stage 3 proceedings of the Scottish National Investment Bank Bill, we have joined with Close the Gap to publish a briefing outlining some key amendments that will enable the Bank to fulfil its potential with regards to gender equality.

Date of publication: January 2020.

Filename: Joint-Close-the-Gap-and-Engender-Briefing-Proposed-Amendments-to-Stage-Scottish-National-Investment-Bank-Bill.pdf | File size: 137KB | Tags: snib, faireconomy, genderpaygap
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Engender Submission to the Scottish Parliament Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee Call for Evidence on the South of Scotland Enterprise Bill

Engender is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee’s Call for Evidence as part of its Stage 1 consideration of the South of Scotland Enterprise Bill. We believe the creation of a South of Scotland Enterprise Agency (SoSE) brings with it opportunities to change the way that economic development is led in the region and shape an economy that works for both women and men, and that advances women’s equality.

Date of publication: January 2019.

Filename: Engender-Submission-to-the-Scottish-Parliament-Rural-Economy-and-Connectivity-Committee-Call-for-Evidence-on-the-South-of-Scotland-Enterprise-Bill.pdf | File size: 601KB | Tags: faireconomy, labourmarket, genderpaygap
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Engender Response to the Scottish Government consultation on a Scottish National Investment Bank Bill

Engender welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation on the Scottish National Investment Bank, which focuses on the proposed objectives, purpose and governance in the anticipated Bill. Scotland’s National Investment Bank should be instrumental in shaping an economy that works for women and men, and that advances women’s equality instead of entrenching gender inequality.

Date of publication: October 2018.

Filename: Engender-Response-to-the-Scottish-Government-consultation-on-a-Scottish-National-Investment-Bank-Bill-002.pdf | File size: 642KB | Tags: faireconomy, feministeconomics, genderpaygap
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Engender Parliamentary Briefing: Economy Jobs and Fair Work Committee Debate on the Gender Pay Gap October 2017

Engender commends the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee on No Small Change: The economic potential of closing the pay gap. This is a bold, ambitious, and strategic response to the persistent inequalities that exist in education, training, care, and employment and are indicated by the gender pay gap.

Date of publication: October 2017.

Filename: Engender-Parliamentary-Briefing---Gender-Pay-Gap-October-2017.pdf | File size: 528KB | Tags: genderpaygap equalpay
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Engender Submission to the Scottish Parliament Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee Inquiry into the Gender Pay Gap

Engender welcomes this inquiry, and particularly that this work is being undertaken by the Economy, Jobs, and Fair Work Committee. The Equal Opportunities Committee, now the Equality and Human Rights Committee, has explored the question of gendered inequalities in the labour market in many different spaces, including during its scrutiny of the Budget, but the pay gap must properly be understood as an economic issue as well as an issue of equality.

Date of publication: March 2017.

Filename: Engender-submission-Gender-Pay-Gap-inquiry-March-2017.pdf | File size: 603KB | Tags: feministeconomics equalpay genderpaygap
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Engender Response to the Scottish Government Consultation on the Introduction of Diversity Succession Planning for Board Appointments and the Lowering of the Threshold for Publishing Gender Pay Gap and Equal Pay Statements

Engender's response to the Scottish Government consultation on the introduction of diversity succession planning for board appointments and the lowering of the threshold for publishing gender pay gap and equal pay statements.

Date of publication: November 2015.

Filename: Scottish-Government-public-sector-boards-consultation-November-2015.pdf | File size: 356KB | Tags: psed equalrepresentation quotas publiclife genderpaygap equalpay
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Women in Scotland: Facts and Stats 2012 Calendar

Women in Scotland calendar 2012: monthly facts and stats on women's inequality.

Date of publication: January 2012.

Filename: Engender2012CalendarFinal.pdf | File size: 3219KB | Tags: equality womensrights international publiclife politics genderpaygap care socialcare socialsecurity childcare vawg
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Politics in Your Pocket Resource

A pocket guide to gender inequality across political life in Scotland.

Date of publication: 2010.

Filename: PIYP-FINAL.pdf | File size: 992KB | Tags: politics poverty genderpaygap publiclife vawg austerity
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