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Engender produces a range of publications including reports about specific subjects, parliamentary briefings, responses to consultations, and our annual reports. These are all available online, and we can also send printed copies of selected reports. Contact us to arrange this.

The Gender Matters Roadmap

In 2017 Engender launched the Gender Matters Roadmap, which sets out the steps needed to move closer to women's equality in Scotland by 2030.

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Engender submission of evidence to the Social Justice and Social Security Committee call for views on its Pre-Budget Scrutiny 2022/23

Engender is grateful for the opportunity to provide evidence to the Committee in support of its pre-budget scrutiny for 2022 – 2023. Our submission focuses on the transformative potential of gender budgeting in the realisation of women’s equality and the need for gender to be strategically analysed across subject committees including, but not only, the Social Justice and Social Security Committee.

Date of publication: October 2021.

Filename: Engender-response-to-the-SJSS-Committee-budget-scrutiny-2021.pdf | File size: 311KB | Tags: socialsecurity, covid19, faireconomy
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Engender submission to the Scottish Government on equality and socio-economic impacts of EU Exit (‘Brexit’)

This is Engender's submission to the Scottish Government on equality and socio-economic impacts of EU Exit (‘Brexit’). This submission looks at economic consequences, protections for migrant women, employment and equality protections, replacement funds, and criminal justice, and offers a series of recommendations covering funding for women's organisations and violence against women services, incorporation of women's rights, devolution of equality law, enhanced gender mainstreaming, and mitigation of No Recourse to Public Funds.

Date of publication: May 2021.

Filename: Engender-submission-to-the-Scottish-Government-on-equality-and-socio-economic-impacts-of-EU-Exit-Brexit.pdf | File size: 169KB | Tags: brexit, international, covid19, faireconomy
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Engender response to the Scottish Parliament Local Government and Communities Committee on the Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill

Engender welcomes this opportunity to respond to the Scottish Parliament Local Government and Communities Committee consultation on the Fair Rents (Scotland) Bill. We welcome the Bill and support its general principles; recognising that it represents a first step to make rent more affordable for women in the Scottish private rented sector. However, it is our view that the Bill could go further and address the widening gaps between women’s incomes and the amount women spend on rent.

Date of publication: December 2020.

Filename: Engender-response-to-the-Scottish-Parliament-Local-Government-and-Communities-Committee-on-the-Fair-Rents-Scotland-Bill.pdf | File size: 200KB | Tags: housing, womensrights, faireconomy
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Engender response to the Scottish Law Commission Aspects of Family Law Discussion Paper on Cohabitation

This document is a submission in response tot he Scottish Law Commission Aspects of Family Law Discussion Paper on Cohabitation.

Engender’s primary interest is in ensuring that women are not disadvantaged by cohabitation. A system which presumed that equitable asset sharing, or independence of finances did not have long term consequence would not reflect the available evidence. We therefore suggest that any reform to the law be focused on the circumstances of the relationship and the ongoing intentions, responsibilities and practical finances of the parties throughout, with the aim of responding to advantages and disadvantages from the perspective of a fairness principle that allows for ongoing circumstances to be considered, in the same way that s.9 of the Family Law (Scotland) Act treats divorcing couples.

Date of publication: August 2020.

Filename: Engender-consulation-response-Scottish-Law-Commission-Aspects-of-Family-Law-Cohabitation.pdf | File size: 265KB | Tags: womensrights, faireconomy
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Engender response to the Social Security Scotland Draft Equality Outcomes Consultation

This document is a response to the Social Security Scotland Draft Equality Outcomes consultation. We are concerned that the draft outcomes put forward in this consultation do not take sufficient cognisance of women’s experiences and lives and are therefore insufficiently targeted to address inequalities in access to social security in Scotland.

Date of publication: February 2020.

Filename: Engender-response-to-the-Social-Security-Scotland-Draft-Equality-Outcomes-Consultation-06-02-2020.pdf | File size: 249KB | Tags: socialsecurity, genderpaygap, faireconomy
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Engender Parliamentary Briefing: Universal Credit

This is a briefing ahead of the Scottish Labour Debate in the Scottish Parliament on Universal Credit on 20th November 2019. Parliament Member's Business Debate on Charities, Scotland and Holyrood on 30th October 2019. We fully support ending and substantively reforming the elements of the UK ‘welfare’ system which are having a harmful impact upon women across Scotland. This briefing sets out the particular concerns and impacts of universal credit, the two-child limit and the benefits cap.

Date of publication: November 2019.

Filename: Engender-Parliamentary-Briefing-Universal-Credit.pdf | File size: 271KB | Tags: socialsecurity, scrapthefamilycap, scraptherapeclause, faireconomy
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Joint Close the Gap and Engender Briefing on Proposed Stage 2 Amendments to the Scottish National Investment Bank Bill

Ahead of the Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Fair Work Committee consideration of the Scottish National Investment Bank Bill at Stage 2, we have joined with Close the Gap to publish a briefing outlining some key amendments that will enable the Bank to fulfil its potential with regards to gender equality.

Date of publication: November 2019.

Filename: Joint-Close-the-Gap-and-Engender-Proposed-Stage-2-Amendments-to-the-Scottish-National-Investment-Bank-Bill.pdf | File size: 210KB | Tags: snib, faireconomy
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Gender edit of the Scottish Government Budget for 2021-2022

This gender edit of the Scottish Government’s Budget for 2021-2022 compiles the references to women and gender, as well as some specific areas of priority with particular implications for women and girls into one list, such as ‘Equalities’. In outlining the Budget, Cabinet Secretary for Finance Kate Forbes suggested that “The exceptional circumstances require an exceptional response” and highlighted the impacts of Covid-19 and Brexit as key concerns.

The Cabinet Secretary outlined three priorities for the Budget:

• Creating jobs and supporting and investing in a sustainable recovery;
• Responding to the health pandemic; and
• Tackling inequalities.

This gender edit examines The Scottish Government’s Budget for 2021-22 in sequence, with all emphasis added by Engender.

Date of publication: January 2021

Filename: Gender-Edit-Budget-2021---2022.pdf | File size: 205KB | Tags: genderedit, budget, genderbudgetanalysis, faireconomy
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Engender response to the Scottish Government consultation on disability assistance in Scotland

Engender has been engaged on work around gender and social security since the 2010 programme of Welfare reform and over that period we have sought to highlight the ways in women, who are twice as likely to rely on social security for their income, have been systemically and grotesquely disadvantaged by reforms.

We therefore welcome this opportunity to respond to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the future of devolved disability assistance within Social Security Scotland. In the UK, women are a small majority of disabled people and, as a group, disabled women are amongst the very hardest hit by welfare reform.

Date of publication: June 2019.

Filename: Engender-response-to-the-Scottish-Government-consultation-on-disability-assistance-in-Scotland.pdf | File size: 307KB | Tags: disabledwomen, socialsecurity, womensrights, faireconomy
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Joint Engender and SWA Parliamentary Briefing ahead of the Scottish Government Building a Social Security System Together Debate

Engender and Scottish Women’s Aid welcome this opportunity to discuss the creation of the Social Security Charter and the importance of ensuring women’s voices are heard in the process. Since 2013 our organisations have worked together to highlight the gender-impact that women accessing social security face.

Date of publication: September 2018.

Filename: Joint-Engender-and-SWA-Parliamentary-Briefing-ahead-of-the-Scottish-Government-Building-a-Social-Security-System-Together-Debate-2-October-2018.pdf | File size: 627KB | Tags: socialsecurity, faireconomy
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Engender Gender Edit of the Scottish Government Budget 2019-2020

This document is a ‘gender edit’ guide to the Scottish Government Budget 2019-2020. It provides excerpts which refer directly to women and gender, but also captures sections on equalities and social justice where women and girls in Scotland would be directly impacted.

Date of publication: January 2019.

Filename: GENDER-EDIT-OF-THE-SCOTTISH-GOVERNMENT-BUDGET-2019-2020.pdf | File size: 376KB | Tags: genderedit genderbudgetanalysis faireconomy womensrights
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Women's and Equalities Sector Response to the Scottish Government Consultation on Socioeconomic Duty

As a coalition of national equalities organisations, we welcome the opportunity to comment on the Scottish Government’s proposals for the socio-economic duty and the principle of the socio-economic duty itself. We commend Scottish Government for giving serious consideration to addressing socio-economic disadvantage through its ambitions for the socio-economic duty.

Date of publication: September 2017.

Filename: Equality-sector-response-to-the-Scottish-Government-consultation-on-Socioeconomic-Duty-September-2017.pdf | File size: 680KB | Tags: equality womensrights faireconomy
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Engender Response to the Equality and Human Rights Commission Consultation on its Measurement Framework

Engender welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) consultation on proposed amendments to its measurement framework. Beginning with an overview of the functions of the EHRC, this response proceeds with an overview of the EHRC’s previous framework and the rationale for developing the model under consultation. The response then provides an analysis of the proposed measurement framework and a set of recommendations to the EHRC.

Date of publication: February 2017.

Filename: Engender-response-to-the-EHRC-Consultation-on-Measurement-Framework.pdf | File size: 567KB | Tags: equality womensrights faireconomy
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Engender Response to the Scottish Government Consultation on the Public Sector Equality Duty

Engender's response to the Scottish Government consultation on PSED.

Date of publication: November 2010.

Filename: 101126-Equality-Duty-consultation.pdf | File size: 268KB | Tags: equality womensrights faireconomy
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Women Thinking Equality Series: Economics

This briefing paper on gender and income presents findings from Engender's 'Women Thinking Equality' project.

Date of publication: 2009.

Filename: discount-economics.pdf | File size: 189KB | Tags: equality faireconomy feministeconomics
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Gender Audit Series: Income and Wealth

A summary and discussion of the implications of data from the Gender Audit of Statistics [Breitenbach,E. and Wasoff, F. Scottish Executive Social Research 2007] relating to care and caring prepared by S.Macpherson, Engender Associate and E. Thomson.

Filename: Income-and-Wealth.pdf | File size: 48KB | Tags: socialsecurity faireconomy
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