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Engender produces a range of publications including reports about specific subjects, parliamentary briefings, responses to consultations, and our annual reports. These are all available online, and we can also send printed copies of selected reports. Contact us to arrange this.

The Gender Matters Roadmap

In 2017 Engender launched the Gender Matters Roadmap, which sets out the steps needed to move closer to women's equality in Scotland by 2030.

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Engender Parliamentary Briefing: Scottish Government Debate: International Women’s Day 2021: #ChooseToChallenge

Engender welcomes this opportunity to mark International Women’s Day 2021 with this briefing and the Parliament’s debate, which this year coincides with a year since the introduction of public health restrictions in the wake of Covid-19. This year’s theme ‘#ChooseToChallenge”, urges people to call out and challenge gender bias and inequality. Women’s inequality with men demands structural and targeted responses with the aim of disrupting women’s subordination and exclusion in policy, practice, and everyday life. This means understanding the reality of women’s lives, the specific barriers to equality women face, and how multiple forms of discrimination intersect with one another. There is a need to go further and faster to challenge sexism and inequality, unpaid and invisible labour, gender-based violence and harassment, and the undervaluation of women’s work.

Date of publication: March 2021.

Filename: Scottish-Government-Debate-International-Womens-Day-2021-ChooseToChallenge.pdf | File size: 174KB | Tags: womensrights, equalrepresentation, cedaw, covid19
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Engender response to Mark Griffin MSP’s consultation on a Proposed Scottish Employment Injuries Advisory Council Bill

Engender welcomes this opportunity to respond to Mark Griffin MSP’s consultation on Proposals for a Scottish Employment Injuries Advisory Council Bill. We have kept our comments to four broad themes – the changing nature of workplace risk, the need for and characteristics of a Scottish Employment Injuries Advisory Council (SEIAC), gender and health, and the additional concern that Covid-19 places on women’s health and the nature of work.

Date of publication: February 2021.

Filename: Engender-response-to-Mark-Griffin-MSP-consultation-on-Proposed-Scottish-Employment-Injuries-Advisory-Council-Bill-consultation.pdf | File size: 227KB | Tags: socialsecurity, employment, covid19
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Engender submission of evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee inquiry on Welfare policy in Scotland

This is Engender's submission of evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee inquiry on Welfare Policy in Scotland. The design of the social security and ‘welfare’ system is one of the key drivers of inequality in the UK and it remains a critical lever available to ensure women have access to an adequate standard of living, equal access to choices and opportunities, and safety and security. Women are more likely to rely on social security for all or part of their income than men due to a greater risk of poverty, gendered experiences of the labour market which push them into poorer paid and insecure employment, the impact of men’s violence, and deeply-ingrained norms around the provision of care and childcare.

Date of publication: February 2021.

Filename: Engender-submission-of-evidence-to-the-Scottish-Affairs-Committee-inquiry-on-Welfare-policy-in-Scotland.pdf | File size: 282KB | Tags: socialsecurity, care, covid19
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Engender Parliamentary Briefing: Equalities and Human Rights Committee Debate: Valuing the Third Sector

This is a briefing for MSPs ahead of the Equality and Human Rights Committee debate on Valuing the Third Sector on 1st December 2020.
We welcome the opportunity to share a small glimpse of the impact the women’s sector has had in Scotland ahead of the parliamentary debate initiated by the Equality and Human Rights Committee on Valuing the Third Sector. We also highlight the role of the women’s sector in Scotland in delivering equality and human rights priorities and to reflect on issues raised by the Committee’s report in respect of sustainability and impact during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Date of publication: December 2020.

Filename: Engender-Parliamentary-Briefing-Equalities-and-Human-Rights-Committee-Debate-Valuing-the-Third-Sector.pdf | File size: 200KB | Tags: faireconomy, womensrights, covid19
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Engender Annual Report 2019-20

This annual report sets out the work that Engender has been doing over 2019-20 to ensure that women's equality remains at the heart of policy-making during the Covid-19 pandemic and to persuade politicians, policymakers, and those with power and influence across Scotland that gender matters. Our small and dedicated staff team have been working locally, nationally, and internationally to make women’s voices heard in the heart of government, across the UK and Europe, and in political and policymaking spaces across Scotland.

Date of publication: November 2020.

Filename: engenders-annual-report-2019-20.pdf | File size: 2289KB | Tags: engendernews, annualreport, covid19
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