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Engender produces a range of publications including reports about specific subjects, parliamentary briefings, responses to consultations, and our annual reports. These are all available online, and we can also send printed copies of selected reports. Contact us to arrange this.

The Gender Matters Roadmap

In 2017 Engender launched the Gender Matters Roadmap, which sets out the steps needed to move closer to women's equality in Scotland by 2030.

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CEDAW: How can women's rights be better realised in Scotland?

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Violence Against Women (CEDAW) is a UN Convention which was signed by the United Kingdom in 1981, and ratified in 1986. UN conventions are signed by member states only, and therefore Scotland is not a signatory to CEDAW, although many of the women's rights protected by CEDAW fall under legislation which is devolved to Scotland.

Engender comissioned Professor Nicole Busby and Professor Muriel Robison to compile this report to answer the following questions:

- Could CEDAW be incorporated into Scots Law? What would the impact of this be?

- What other legal mechanisms or duties could Scotland create to enable better realisation of CEDAW?

Date of publication: June 2018

Filename: CEDAW-incorporation-paper.pdf | File size: 124KB | Tags: cedaw
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Eighth periodic report of the government of the United Kingdom on measures taken to give effect to CEDAW - four nations report

Eighth periodic report of the government of the United Kingdom on measures taken to give effect to CEDAW.

This is a shadow report from the four nations of the UK. It was produced by Engender (Scotland), Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform, Women’s Equality Network Wales, Women’s Resource Centre (England).

Date of publication: June 2018

Filename: Eighth-periodic-report-of-the-government-of-the-United-Kingdom-on-measures-taken-to-give-effect-to-CEDAW---four-nations-report.pdf | File size: 1359KB | Tags: cedaw
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Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women Concluding Observations 2013

The concluding observations (recommendations) of the CEDAW Committee, following its examination of the UK in 2013.

Date of publciation: July 2013.

Filename: 130730-Conc-Obs.doc | File size: 134KB | Tags: international cedaw
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Engender Shadow CEDAW Report

Engender's shadow report to the 7th periodic report of the UK Government to the UN's CEDAW Committee.

Date of publication: December 2012.

Filename: 130508-Engender-shadow-CEDAW-report.doc | File size: 92KB | Tags: international cedaw
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Engender CEDAW Pre-hearing Statement

Engender's statement to the pre-session working group, which took place in November 2012. This relates to the UK's examination by the CEDAW Committee in respect of its 7th periodic report.

Date of publication: October 2012.

Filename: CEDAWstatement-2012final.pdf | File size: 179KB | Tags: international cedaw
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Engender Questions for CEDAW Examination of the UK

NGOs can submit questions to the CEDAW Committee in advance of the examination of their governments. These are the questions that Engender submitted prior to the examination of the UK.

Date of publication: September 2012.

Filename: CEDAW-Questions-for-UK-Govt-Sep-2012-Engender.pdf | File size: 564KB | Tags: international cedaw
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