What happens when applying for organisational membership:

When a group applies for organisational or affiliate membership, their application must be approved by the Engender Board of Directors, which meets five times a year. When you apply, you will receive a confirmation of your application, and Engender staff may be in contact to ask for more information from you.

We are unable to offer organisational membership with voting rights to organisations which are not corporate bodies, but these groups can still be listed on our website and nominate a named representative, subject to board approval.

Applications for membership can be rejected based on the following criteria:

  • Membership or listing is not available to organisations or groups that campaign solely or mostly on a single issue that is directly opposed to an Engender policy position;
  • Member or listed organisations’ aims and objectives must align with Engender’s constituted aims and objectives; and
  • Member or listed organisations may not present Engender with a reputational risk, or present significant future reputational risks that cannot be managed.

You can find information on individual membership of Engender here, and our full Articles of Association are available here.



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