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On the Engender: Scotland's feminist policy blog and podcast

On the Engender

On the Engender is Scotland's feminist policy podcast, produced by Engender and featuring the voices of experts from across Scotland's women's sector. The podcast explores issues relating to women's equality in Scotland, from local democracy to reproductive rights, and from the criminal justice system to care reform.

You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or your regular podcast provider, and the episodes are also available to listen to here. Let us know what you think using the hashtag #OntheEngender.

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Amanda Stanley for Engender.

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Free period products, when and where we need them In this blog, Engender's Communications and Engagement Manager, Alys Mumford, talks about our continuing work to ensure access to free period products.A common trope seen in film and TV is a woman being caught short in a nightclub toilet and being met with dozens of new friends proffering tampons and pads. And while I do have experience on both sides of this scene, I also have memories of sneaking a pad up the sleeve of my school jumper when going to the loo, wearing a hoodie tied round my waist on a freezing day in case I was leaking, using a code word to talk about tampons on holiday (‘cereal bars’ in case you’re wondering, and no I can’t remember why), and stressing out when a borrowed tampon had an applicator which I’d never used before.

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