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Engender’s members are very important to us. Both our individual and organisational members bring expertise, insight, and creativity to the challenges of advancing women’s equality.

Joining Engender is a great way to contribute to our work; you can ask us questions, share your views and keep up to date with our projects and events. The different types of membership that we offer are detailed below.

Individual membership

All feminist women are welcome to join Engender. Membership costs £20 a year, or £5 for students (just put 'student' in the discount code box, and enter your graduation date – we’ll contact you once you’ve graduated to see if you are in a position to increase your membership payment).

We want all women to be members of Engender regardless of circumstances, so if you can’t pay, just drop us an email at and we'll give you a discount code for free membership. There’s no need to tell us why you need the code, we just need to hear from you so we can activate your membership.

If you are in a position to make an additional monthly payment to Engender to support our work, we’d love to invite you to become a Friend of Engender. Friends of Engender donate £5 or more a month, instead of an annual fee.

Why join?

Individual members of Engender get:

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Organisational membership

Engender is a membership organisation, and we welcome women’s organisations, based in Scotland, who share our values to join as members. This includes organisations with women’s section, departments, or units, as well as women only organisations, campaign groups, and societies.

If you are an organisation which doesn’t work specifically on women’s issues, but support our aims and align with our broader values, we’d love to welcome you as an ‘affiliate member’. Please note, we cannot accept membership applications from single-issue groups that campaign against one of our policy advocacy positions. For example, we would not accept membership from a women’s group that campaigned to restrict access to abortion healthcare, to avoid causing confusion about Engender's position on that issue.

Why join?

Organisational and Affiliate members of Engender can:

When you sign up to be a member, the Engender team will take a look at your application, and may come back to you with any additional information as needed. We endeavour to get back to membership applications as soon as possible, but please note the process is not automatic, so there may be a slight delay.

Member fees are:

Please contact Engender if you are not sure whether or not you are eligible, or to discuss fees.

Our organisational and affiliate membership processes are under review and we are not currently accepting new members in these categories.

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