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Our focus

Women’s inequality cuts across almost every area of human experience. As Scotland’s general feminist organisation, that means our work is very wide ranging.

The causes of women’s inequality are complicated and interlinked. This means that it is not always easy to categorise all of the differences pieces of work that we do, but it can be clustered under three broad headings. You can find out more details about specific pieces of work on our blog, by reading our publications, or by checking out our projects.

Women’s social and cultural equality

We want to see an end to stereotyping of women and girls, and the way that assumptions around gender shape women’s work and family lives. We work towards an end to men’s violence against women and girls, and recognise that violence against women is both a cause and a consequence of women’s inequality. We would like to see women represented equally in the media and across the arts, and able to access health services, including abortion and sexual health services.

Women’s economic equality

We want to see a transformation in the way that the economy is organised, to enable women to have equal access to resources. We work towards increased public provision of care and childcare. We would like to see women’s work counted and valued. We want the gender pay gap to close, and women to be able to find flexible work and good quality part-time work. We want social security to work for women instead of against us.

Women’s political equality

Women’s representation at the table changes the discussion, and so we want to see more women in parliament, in council chambers, and in policy spaces. We want to see women on conference panels, giving speeches, and offering opinion and analysis in the media and on news programmes.

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