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Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Engender.

Can I volunteer at Engender?

Not at the moment. We really appreciate the fact that so many women want to volunteer their time and energy to Engender’s work. We have had volunteers in the past, and will be looking at developing a volunteer programme.

We would love to hear your thoughts about how you would like to volunteer, and what we should put in place to make sure that women have a positive volunteering experience at Engender. You can email Alys with your suggestions.

Can I join the board?

All members of Engender are eligible to be nominated to join the board.

At the AGM in November 2013 we agreed that we would be revisiting Engender’s governing documents to make sure that the board structure and ways of working were fit for purpose. The board has established a group that brings the board and members together to work on a revised constitution.

This process will propose new ways of working to the AGM in November 2014, and we will be publishing the new constitution and a clear process by which members can nominate themselves or each other for board membership after that.

Why is membership only open to women?

Engender thinks that both men and women are disadvantaged by sexism, but that women’s experience of sexism is different to men’s. We believe that it is valuable to provide space for women to come together to discuss their inequality, and to work creatively to challenge that inequality. We do this through our members’ only events.

Men are very welcome to attend our public events, and we work with many men across a wide range of organisations, to achieve shared objectives of equality and justice.

Is Engender intersectional?

Yes, we hope! Engender believes feminism must be intersectional, and we try our best to make sure we are including and reflecting all women’s voices. We work with a range of organisations to help us do this, and encourage partner organisations to recognise that all women’s lived experiences are different.

If you have any ideas or comments about how to ensure our work stays intersectional, or want to chat about how to make your own work more inclusive of all women, we’d love to hear from you! Contact Alys to share your views.

Not sure what intersectionality means? Check out this fantastic video from Akila Hughes:

I’m a member and would like to advertise my research / training / event to other members. Can I?

Yes. Engender is growing fast, so we can no longer send calls to participate in research, or advertisements for events or training to all of our members by email.

We will be posting occasional summaries of calls for research on our blog, and may tweet calls, events, and training details. Organisational members can post details of their (feminist or gender equality) events on our events page.

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