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Covid-19 Articles and Resources

In addition to our rolling blog on our work to keep women's equality at the heart of policy-making during the pandemic, we've collated some useful articles and resources covering various aspects of equality and Covid-19 on the page below.


A list of resources available to women experiencing abuse is available here from The Scottish Women’s Rights Centre.

Citizens Advice Scotland have a range of support on employment, debt, and housing issues here.

The STUC have advice for workers (both unionised and non-unionised) here.


Scottish Women's Aid: New housing guidance launched on domestic abuse and COVID-19 // WRDA: Women’s Policy Group NI Statement on the gendered impact of Covid-19 (WRDA) // FAR: Call for a feminist Covid-19 policy (Feminist Alliance for Rights) // CPAG: Supporting families during the Covid-19 pandemic (Child Poverty Action Group) // CFFP:Feminist resources on the pandemic (Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy) // EDF: Covid-19 Resources (European Disability Forum) // EWL: Putting equality between women and men at the heart of the response to Covid-19 across Europe (European Women’s Lobby) // Gender and Covid-19 Working Group: Covid-19: the gendered impacts of the outbreak (The Lancet) // ONS: Coronavirus and the social impacts on Great Britain data (Office for National Statistics) // RCM: Coronavirus (Covid-19) (Royal College of Midwives) // Merris Amos: Human Rights Law and the Covid-19 Pandemic in the United Kingdom Part 1 (SSRN) // Merris Amos: Human Rights Law and the Covid-19 Pandemic in the United Kingdom Part 2 (SSRN) // IFS: Trying times: how might the lockdown change time use in families? (Institute for Fiscal Studies) // EIGE: Covid-19 and gender equality (European Institute for Gender Equality) // Online and ICT facilitated violence against women and girls during Covid-19 (UN Women) // Sulzhan Bali, Roopa Dhatt, Arush Lal, Amina Jama, Kim Van Daalen, Devi Sridhar: Off the back burner: diverse and gender-inclusive decision-making for Covid-19 response and recovery (Gender & Covid-19 Working Group) // Kate Bahn & Jennifer Cohen: A feminist perspective on Covid-19 and the value of care work globally (Gender, Work & Organization) // Policy Note: Gender dimensions of the Covid-19 pandemic (World Bank Group) // PFS: Easy Read Social Care Support and Coronavirus: How is support changing? (People First Scotland) // PFS: Easy Read What is Furlough? (People First Scotland) // Eleanor Lisney, Naomi Jacobs, Lani Parker, Fleur Perry, Emma Vogelmann: The impact of Covid-19 on disabled women (Sisters of Frida) // Coronavirus (Covid-19) Supplementary National Violence Against Women Guidance Executive Summary (COSLA) // Coronavirus (Covid-19) Supplementary National Violence Against Women Guidance (COSLA)


[CN = A content note on this article, e.g. 'CN: sexual assault' where it is not obvious from the title of the piece]

Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, Faye Macheke, Felogene Anumo, Ledys Sanjuan Mejia and Margarita Salas: Feminist experiences of organising politically across virtual worlds (Awid) // Arwa Mahdawi: The secret weapon in the fight against coronavirus? Women (Guardian) // Shaun Walker: Concerns over Polish Government tightening abortion laws during Covid-19 crisis (Guardian) // Sarah Butler: Coronavirus lockdown to to hit low-paid, young and women hardest, warns IFS (Guardian) // Georgia Aspinall: Abortion pills will now be posted to women in Northern Ireland after 'shameful political gameplay' (Grazia) Finding a way through (Rape Crisis Scotland) // [CN: domestic abuse & violence against women] Charlie Webster: Coronavirus lockdown is not causing the surge in domestic abuse - it's just a distraction (The Telegraph) // Train companies offer free travel for people escaping domestic abuse during lockdown (ITV) // Nadine White: How racism and inequality have left minorities most at risk from Covid-19 (HuffPost UK) // Chloe I. Cooney: The parents are not all right (Medium) // Bina Agarwal: Covid-19 and lockwdowns: Are women more affected? (UNU-WIDER) // Emily Woods: Getting to know the front line: Food delivery rider Alice (Holyrood) // Lauren Geall: Women in England will be able to take abortion pills at home during the coronavirus outbreak (Stylist) // Dr Kevin Guyan: An equality impact assessment of COVID-19 in the UK (Medium) // Shannon O'Connell: Breaking down gendered power norms during the pandemic and beyond (Global Policy) // Polly Winn: 'This crisis reveals the deep and entrenched inequality in our economy and society' (Business Live) // Tim Hume: France is putting domestic abuse victims in hotels during coronavirus lockdown (Vice) // Azeezat Johnson: COVID-19 and cancer: following Audre Lorde (Feminist Review) // Online reading to keep you company through isolation (Glasgow Women's Library) // Karin Goodwin: We need new ways to protect women from violence during pandemic (The National) // Vicky Spratt: From abortion to domestic violence: How the coronavirus crisis hits women hardest (Refinery 29) // Paying attention to women's needs and leadership will strengthen Covid-19 response (UN Women) // Erin Loos Cutraro: There's a glaring blindspot in our society's coronavirus response (Thrive Global) // Lauren Rankin: Thanks to coronavirus, abortion clinics are under attack - again (Bitch Media) // Leila Billing: What does feminist leadership look like during a pandemic? (Medium) // Amna Saleem: Corner Shop (Bella Caledonia) // Eve Livingston: Will it take a global pandemic to recognise the value of women's work? (Herald Scotland) // Laura Hurley: How will the coronavirus affect access to safe abortion? (Medium) // Brooke Knisley: Immunocompromised teachers are on the frontlines of coronavirus (Bitch Media) // Julia Smith: Gender and the coronavirus outbreak (Think Global Health) //Zoe Williams: School closures will lay bare the private struggles so many of us endure (Guardian) // Emily Woods: When staying home is unsafe: domestic abuse in lockdown (Holyrood) // Kirsteen Paterson: Councils say Home Office ‘undermining’ pandemic response (The National) // The impact of Covid-19 on women (WRDA) // Natalie Cleveland: An intersectional approach to a pandemic? Gender data, disaggregation, and Covid-19 (data 2x) // Craig Cairns: Victim Support Scotland warns of rise of stalking in lockdown (The National) // Maya Oppenheim: Female NHS staff at risk due to not being able to 'access protective gear correctly sized for women' (Independent) // Media monitoring: reporting Violence Against Women during a global pandemic (Zero Tolerance) // ALLIANCE Live Podcast: Women and Covid-19 (The ALLIANCE) // Treva Lindsey: Why Covid-19 is hitting Black women so hard (Women's Media Center) // Marianne Schnall: Putting a gender lens on Covid-19: Thought leaders weigh in (Forbes) // Amina Khan: How to worship in isolation this Ramadan (Teen Vogue) // Noel Baker: 'Rape myths dispelled' by virus lockdown (Irish Examiner) // Heejung Chung: Return of the 1950s housewife? How to stop coronavirus lockdown reinforcing sexist gender roles (The Conversation) // Alessandra Minello: The pandemic and the female academic (nature) // Dr Fiona Jenkins: Did our employers just requisition our homes? (Canberra Times) // Andrew Learmonth: Nicola Sturgeon told carers must be at the heart of plan to ease lockdown (theNational) // Jim Campbell and Naveed Hakeem: Is it time for a coronavirus basic income? (WISE) // Gina Rushton: South Australia is waiting on one man to decide if women have to travel for medical abortions in a pandemic (Buzzfeed) // Colleen Flaherty: No room of one's own (InsideHigherEd) // Marisa Bate: Coronovirus shows us we need a revolution for working women - and it starts with trade unions // Donna Ferguson: 'I feel like a 1950s housewife': How lockdown has exposed the gender divide (Guardian) // Andy Philip: Scots woman opens up on 'anxiety and stress' of carers on lockdown (Daily Record) // Jennifer Galbraith: Are we really all equal in the eyes of Covid-19? (CRER) // Saffron Roberts: Why language matters: How are the violence and perpetrators framed? (Zero Tolerance) // Angela O'Hagan: Inequalities in a crisis enforce the need for a gendered lens in policy making (WiSE) // Priyanka Raval: Domestic violence services call for focus on perpetrators not just victims during coronavirus lockdown (Bristol Cable) // Anna North: The "women's work" of the pandemic (Vox) // Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw: When Blackness is a pre-existing condition (The New Republic) // Claire Cain Miller: Nearly half of men say they do most of the home schooling. 3 percent of women agree. (New York Times) // Hannah Swirsky: Why the UK's Covid-19 response needs more women leaders (Each Other) // Woman's Hour: Contraception & Covid-19; Caroline Nokes MP; Deborah Feldman; Asma Khan (BBC) // Megan Holloway: Why a gender lens is needed for the Covid-19 response (Gavi) // Rianna Raymond-Williams: Why I'm fighting for an independent public inquiry into the Covid-19 deaths of people of colour (gal-dem) // Kathleen Nutt: Coronavirus: Scottish Government urged to publish data on BAME deaths (The National) // Anna Fazackerley: Women's research plummets during lockdown - but articles from men increase (Guardian) // Emily Thomson: Valuing 'women's' work: Reflections on (feminist) economic explanations of low pay (WISE) // Angela O'Hagan: Inequalities in a crisis enforce the need for a gendered lens in policy making (WiSE) // Dr Oona Brooks-Hay, Prof Michele Burman & Dr Lisa Bradley: Gender based violence in a pandemic (Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research) // Women, work and Covid-19: the stark implications for women's poverty (Close The Gap) // Laura Spinney: The coronavirus slayer! How Kerala's rock star health minister helped save it from Covid-19 (Guardian) // Nina Teasdale: Covid-19 and the myth of the 'home' as a haven (WISE) // Rebecca Solnit: 'The way we get through this is together': the rise of mutual aid under coronavirus (Guardian)


We'll update this page with relevant articles and resources when we can, and you can find out more about how to sign up as an Engender member to receive our weekly Friday Feminist Five newsletter with updates on our work and a roundup of articles and opportunities for feminists in Scotland here. [Last updated 20/05/2020]

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