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GUEST POST: On Faith and Feminism

graphic with the quote "My bookshelves are still full of feminist books and I'm still fighting the good fight against the patriarchy. My beliefs hadn't changed, but to my family I was not the same person any more - because I wear hijab and I follow Islam"

Rose Richmond is a 21 year old graduate from Stirling University. She blogs here about finding her faith, the misconceptions facing Muslim women.

“The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet”

Mohadesa Najumi

GUEST POST: The Unwelcome Feminist

Growing up, I was always fed the narrative (which I am sure many Muslim women are) that we cover ourselves so that we don’t receive unwanted male attention.     It is a narrative which I reject   - I most likely would have stopped wearing hijab many years ago if I believed it

Fai Yousaf regularly blogs over at Life of Fai and here she writes for On the Engender about her views on feminism and the hijab.

You can follow Fai on Twitter at Life_0f_Fai

“You’re destroying any progress women have made by wearing that on your head”

By that, they don’t mean the back combed hell that I attempt on occasion nor my oversized pom pom hat – both of which, it can be argued, should be banned. It is the hijab/head scarf which often evokes such strong responses from some of my female counterparts. The word hijab is more widely associated with the head covering Muslim women wear and for the purpose of this article, I’ll translate it as such. However in reality, the word encompasses a way of being, behind which is the principle of modesty and not only applies to females but men too.

Guest post: Reflections on the Intersection Between Race and Gender in Public Life

Briana Pegado is the Founder and Director of the Edinburgh Student Arts Festival. During Black History Month she appeared on a panel to discuss the film Confirmation, which tells the story of Anita Hill's testimony against Supreme Court Nominee Clarence Thomas.

Here, she reflects on the themes raised by the film.

It is this very ability to identify, namely to self-identify, that allows us to be fully heard, seen, respected and enabled to exercise our agency. The term self-identification isn't simply a fad or trend - it is a political act.


Guest Post: My week at Engender

This week Engender welcomed Amy, a pupil at Ross High School, for her work experience. She has written a blog about her experience and what she has gained from her weeks work experience.

Guest post: #MeToo: just how tedious can it get?

In the year since #MeToo became the most talked about hashtag on the internet, we've seen high profile men exposed as abusers, and women shamed for speaking the truth.

This guest blog from an Engender member who wishes to remain anonymous explores the legacy of #MeToo and the reality of violence against women in Scotland.

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