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SUCCESS: Scottish Government commits to individual payments of Universal Credit

Split Payment Commitment

Today Engender have welcomed the Scottish Government’s commitment to offer individual, not household, payments of Universal Credit.

The announcement from Jeane Freeman, Minister for Social Security, came as the Scottish Government published their response to the consultation on social security in Scotland. 88% of the respondents to the Government’s consultation called for the splitting of Universal Credit payments, largely based on a desire to prevent power imbalances in relationships.

Message from Jeane Freeman - Minister for Social Security

I want to thank you for all the help and support you have given us during our consultation on a Social Security system for Scotland and the part you played in the recent social security consultation.

Over the three months we had engagement in every local authority area of the country, reaching many hundreds of people through these and social media. And we reached those we need to reach – people with direct, lived experience of the UK benefits system and with clear ideas on what they want to see improved. We’ve now received just over 500 responses with around half coming from individuals. We’ll publish the independent analysis of these and our response, in early 2017.

Feminist action against Trump

Women against Trump

Next week on 20th January Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the President of the United States of America.

Given statements made during the election campaign, many are understandably worried about what a Trump presidency may mean for women's equality, the fight against racism, LGBTQI rights, religious freedoms, violence, climate change, migrant rights, international relations, democratic freedoms and many more vital issues.

Here, we outline some of the things happening in Scotland (and the rest of the UK) which you might want to get involved in.

Please note that we do not endorse these events (except our own, of course!), and would encourage women considering attending to think about the organisers and messaging of any action, and to ensure you feel safe and comfortable in attending. Where appropriate, we have linked to further information to consider before getting involved.

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Feminist Podcast Superhero


Engender is seeking a skilled, creative and passionate intern to help us create a series of feminist podcasts. The podcast will include content from leading feminist thinkers in Scotland and help Engender to disseminate ideas, information, and analysis from across the women’s sector.

We hope to employ somebody with existing skills in audio work, and we are able to support them in gaining experience in working with the women’s sector in Scotland and creating resources for non-profit organisations.

Scotland must take this chance to stand up for women's reproductive rights

This blog first appeared on OpenDemocracy.

It’s been a depressing year for anyone who cares about a woman’s right to choose (ok, it’s been a depressing year for everyone, but bear with me).

2016 has seen women imprisoned in Northern Ireland for accessing safe abortion pills online, or for helping other women to. Women in Poland have had to take to the streets to prevent a blanket ban on abortion even in cases of rape. And this month, senators in Ohio made progress towards a ban on abortion after 6 weeks – a time period in which many women don’t even discover they are pregnant, let alone have time to consider their options.

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