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Books and resources

Feminist writers have turned their critical eye to everything from pop-culture to the economy to literary theory.

Books, blogs, and articles are helpful tools to build a solid feminist analysis. We’ve been inspired, entertained, and encouraged by many of the resources on this page. This is a small collection of helpful links. For more on what to read and where, check out the resources tag on our blog.

Blogs and websites

Feminist Times

Regrettably now defunct, the online UK feminist magazine is still available for use as a resource. Formally fully funded by its members. Edited by Charlotte Rampling.

The F-Word

Contemporary UK feminism. Intersectional.

Bad Reputation

A British feminist pop culture site.


Feminist pop culture analysis from an American perspective.


American feminist blog. Editor-in-chief is sometime Guardian writer Jill Filipovic.

Spare Rib

Iconic 1970s feminist magazine, now available online.


50 essential feminist books
The surprisingly feminist Stylist magazine compiles a list of British-centric must-reads.


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